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Parks and Recreation

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department maintains more than 23,018 park acres including 13 lakes with 4,400 surface acres of water, 18,618 acres of parkland and 85.5 miles of jogging and bike trails.


Dallas has more dining options that New York city according to a recent survey. The city offers a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants to suit all palates. The restaurant scene in Dallas is constantly evolving. The best website to find a restaurant is : GuideLIVE and then choose the Restaurants tab.

The convention hotel is located in Addison which is also home to a large number of restaurants within walking distance. Indian restaurants in the Addison area include:

For a listing of Indian restaurants in the metroplex, please see: Urban Spoon

Arts and Museums

The Dallas Arts District is the nation's largest and continues to grow. The Dallas Arts District has a clear vision to stimulate cultural life and a three-point mission statement to serve the community as a private nonprofit organization. The district itself spans over 68 acres and covers 19 blocks.


Dallas is a shoppers paradise. There are plenty of options. Please see: Visit Dallas