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Executive Committee 

Basavaraj Patil Chair

Basavaraj Patil is a founding member of the VSNA, Texas chapter in Dallas. He has also served on the VSNA Board of Directors from 2011-12. Basavaraj is originally from Belgaum in Karnataka and his family roots are in Bijapur District. He is a wireless telecom professional and has been in the industry for over 20+ years. Basavaraj lives in Dallas with his wife Shailaja and son Nehal.

Shiva Prakash Co-Chair

Shiva Prakash has been a core VSNA-Tx chapter member from its inception. He and his family are actively involved in various cultural activities and shown a deep commitment to the growth and promotion of our culture. Shiva Prakash is originally from Bangalore with roots in Bellary. He is an Electrical Engineering professional with over 20 years of industry experience. Shiva Prakash lives in Plano, Tx, with his wife Mamatha, and daughters Meghana and Rishika.

Vijay Patil Treasurer

Vijay Patil is from Mangavati in Belgaum District, India. Vijay and his family has been associated with VSNA since 2002. Both Vijay and his wife Naina have been served on Dallas chapter committee. They are blessed with daughters Meghana (22) and Sanjana (16). Meghana started first newsletter to chapter and was a recipient of VSNA scholarship in 2009. Sanjana served on newsletter committee as well.

Vijay has a Bachelor of Engineering from BVB College of Engineering, Hubli, M.Tech from IIT Kharagapur , MBA from Neeley School of Management (TCU) Fort Worth and an IT professional with 24 plus years’ of experience.

Jyothi Hattarki Secretary

Jyothi Hattarki was born and raised in Khanapur (Belgaum district).She is married to , Jawahar Hattarki, and they have two kids, Sanjeet and Megan.

Mrs. Hattarki graduated from UTD, The University of Texas at Dallas, as she majored in Finance and she currently works in the Dallas area for a financial company.She have been associated with the VSNA Texas Chapter for the past 4 years and she served on a committee as the vice president and she enjoyed every moment of her time with the VSNA being a part of the VSNA organization has allowed her to reconnect with her family and freinds.

Other Committees

Fund Raising

Basavaraj Patil
Shiva Prakash
Vijay Patil
Amit Guttigoli
Guru Motgi
Bhimu Patil


Shailaja Patil
Mamatha Prakash
Rajashri Guttigoli
Preeti Girish
Yashwanth Gaddi
Deepti Nagaraddi


Jyothi Hattarki
Beena Shiramagond
Shiva Halappanavar


Prathiba Nashi
Vidya Kondajji
Pallavi Nandeeswar


Soumya Sati
Savita Pradeep
Devi Hippargi


Nagaraj Malagi
Niranjan Sarvi


Anupama Benakatti
Vijay Patil
Sridhar Sayam
Deepti Ashok

Sangama Through Friendship / Workshops

Mamatha Prakash
Rajashri Guttigoli
Preeti Girish
Deepti Nagaraddi


Shanthu Kere
Amruthraj Belaldavar
Kalyan Kumar


Preeti  Girish
Deepti Nagaraddi
Deepthi Ashok
Shailaja Patil

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