39th Annual VSNA Convention 2016
July 1st - 3rd

Invitation to VSNA Youth members

VSNA invites all the youth members to come and participates in this year’s convention with a special event just for you. This year we have specially planned social event geared towards youth for fun and friendship. Our event includes socializing programs like meet and greet on the first day of convention, golf outing and site seeing tours. Here is the opportunity for you to meet friends, make new friends and continue the friendship towards much more lasting relationship. You have enough time to make this as a memorable event. Do not worry; we will be taking steps to prevent parents from entering this event!

It is not just this - VSNA also launched a website known as “VSNA Soulmates” which will enable the youth members to register on-line and find the fellow registrants with similar interests and who also want to meet and make new friends. We believe that VSNA Soul Mates is an answer to youth member’s long standing desire to have their own platform/media for finding the fellow youth members within our own community to find friends for a long lasting friendship and potential life partners.

One of our own youth members has contributed much of his valuable time, effort and his insight to make this site much more user friendly and appeal to the young. During the convention, we are inaugurating yet another tool for VSNS Soul Mates that facilitates young adults to start a social conversation through the web.

We have initiated a registration fee for this site so that only the interested VSNA young adult members are registered. Also, we have taken enough precautions to make the site secure to guard your identity. Only the minimal information is visible to the new registrant, until the other party shows mutual interest.

Fees for registering on the website will be waived for youth who participate in the convention at Maryland.

Come and participate in the convention, meet the fellow VSNA young adults, make new friends and possibly find your Soul Mate in your own community.

See you at the convention!

From the VSNA Soul mate team.