39th Annual VSNA Convention 2016
July 1st - 3rd

Cultural Program Registration

The Stage and Entertainment Committee invites all enthusiastic and talented Veerashaivas, from every Chapter, to participate in cultural/entertainment segment of what we envisage will be a truly memorable and exceptional convention.

Program Guidelines :
  • It is mandatory that all participants must be registered for the convention.
  • Performances can be songs, dances, drama or any other type of performing arts.
  • Group performances with four or more performers, are strongly encouraged and will be given priority.
  • Priority will be given to programs illustrating our heritage, Sharana philosophy and vachana sahitya. Highest priority will be given to the programs based on the convention theme “ತನು ಮನ ಭಾವ ಶುದ್ಧಿಯ - ನಡೆ ನುಡಿಯಲಿ ಕಾಣಾ”.
  • Performers are responsible for their own costumes, props and other requirements essential for their presentations
  • Each chapter will be allotted about 15 – 20 mins (depending on number of entries received) for performances by its members. All entries received (group/solo) will be classified on Chapter basis and time allotment will be counted towards chapter’s quota.
    • Dances, Songs, Instrument – 6 mins
    • Drama/Skit - 20 mins
  • Registration for cultural program is mandatory and the last date for registration is June 1, 2016. It's CLOSED now.
  • A video sample of each program should be submitted for pre-screening before June 1, 2016. Samples can be provided through free online services like youtube or through eMail to VSNAEntertainment2016@gmail.com
  • The entertainment/cultural programs committee will try to accommodate all VSNA chapters. The committee will accept/request changes based on the following criteria:
    • Quality (based on samples provided)
    • Relevance to the VSNA audience
    • Creativity / new concept
    • Variety
    The committee’s decision will be final.
  • Convention organizers are not liable for accident or injury of any kind, that may result during the performance