Message from Chair VSNA 2012 Convention
Sharanu Sharanarthi,

We thank you for your active participation in making 35th VSNA Convention a big success. It was our pleasure to host this convention for our beloved organization which has fostered and nurtured Veerashaiva/Lingayat community in North America over last many years. We were thrilled to see so many participants, dignitaries, families, seniors, children from many parts of America and India enjoying and at the same time being torch bearers of Veerashaivism/Lingayatism.

Enthusiastic participation in events, forums, activities, etc. by the attendees made it all worth for the committees who put in numerous hours and volunteer efforts. We very much appreciate many non-committee volunteers helping us and lending their hands in many activities - be it - leading guests to places or handing the auditorium back to JCC or hanging/removing banners, etc.

We, as a team, tried our best make sure all things go as smoothly as possible and to ensure all things were equitable to all. We couldn't have been able to do so without your help and support. We specially like to thank the donors and sponsors for their financial support which enabled us run this convention.

The organizing committee is happy that we got this opportunity to serve you and VSNA.

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Best Regards,
VSNA Convention 2012 Committee